The seven best technical debt memes to make you laugh

21 Jan 2023

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. That is definitely true for these seven technical debt memes. I never worked out who ‘they’ are, but their words are certainly true when it comes to expressing frustration about technical debt.

Technical debt seems to be a fact of life for most software. It is annoying, and often quite expensive in both time and money. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to laugh about it. Finding the funny in a bad situation helps us all make it through the day without completely losing our minds.

So if you’re facing a technical debt challenge I hope you can find something to laugh about in these seven technical debt memes about technical debt.

1. I don’t understand why it takes so long

If only the software was actually as pretty as this building 😊

2. The way ahead looks great — just don’t look at what’s behind you

Forward progress never felt so good — and then…

3. Ooh, a new feature…so close…I can almost touch it…

When the business sees a new shiny thing but can’t shake the feeling it’s just out of reach.

4. The clean-up shouldn’t take too long.

When you are that one developer assigned to ‘clean up the code’. 😊

5. Sometimes a change in business goals is a good thing…

Isn’t it nice when you can kick the debt down the road a bit?

6. What a high-quality product we’ve got

This picture reminds me of the horror movie What Lies Beneath…never look under the surface.

7. We’ve assigned resources to fix the debt

Sometimes the business teams don’t quite understanding the scale of an issue.

Hopefully you enjoyed these technical debt memes. My thanks to all the inspired people that created them. The credit goes to them!