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Get FREE communication skills books for your students today!


Are you an educator, academic institution, or a passionate student support group? If yes, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get award-winning communication skills training for your student – for absolutely no cost.

My goal is to give away one million free digital copies of my communication skills books to give students and undergraduates a boost to their careers.


Why am I doing this?


📌 No skill is more important for students than communication: it will impact everything they do through their entire careers.

📌 This benefits everyone: not only do the students benefit, but so do the companies they work for and the people they work with. Anyone they work with in the future will reap the reward of improved communication skills.

📌 Future-proof students’ careers: effective communication isn’t a mere soft skill — it’s a career catalyst. From job interviews to boardroom meetings, a student’s ability to articulate will define their success.

📌 Bridge the gap: there’s a growing gap between the skills employers want and the skills students have when they start work. Bridging that gap can be the difference between landing a dream opportunity and missing out.


What’s in it for you?


For educational institutions, this isn’t just a book giveaway – it’s an investment.

The more competent students are in the job market, the higher the employment rate for graduating students, and the higher an institution’s prestige.


Here’s how to get the books for your students


1️⃣ Click on ‘Contact’ in the navigation.
2️⃣ Tell me what you’d like: let me know what institution your in, how many students you have, and which books you would like.
3️⃣ Get the links: within a few days I will send you a link to your very own digital download page.
4️⃣ Share the links with your students.

I don’t collect any data from your students. There is no need for email addresses and no tracking on the download website.

You will get a dedicated download page for your institution or group. You can share the link with your students and they can access the digital books in a variety of formats for whatever e-reader, phone, or digital format they prefer.

What books are included?

The First Minute — Recognized multiple times for its invaluable insights, this book is your secret weapon for making an unforgettable first impression.

The First Minute Workbook — A hands-on approach to mastering the art of communication. Practice makes perfect!

Effective Emails — In our digital age, mastering the art of email communication can set you apart. Learn how to create compelling, clear, and effective messages.

And that’s just the beginning! We’ll be adding more insightful titles, ensuring the spectrum of communication skills is well-covered for you.

Effective Emails book by Chris Fenning
The First Minute book by Chris Fenning
The First Minute Workbook by Chris Fenning