Get approval for your tech idea with these five questions

24 Nov 2021

Have you ever wanted to get approval for your tech idea? Do you need your manager or an executive to support it? Perhaps you’ve prepared a presentation and you’re gearing up to tell them all about your idea. But have you stopped to consider if your presentation includes the right information?

If you need to present a new idea to your manager or an executive, make sure your pitch answers these five questions.

  • How much will costs go down?
  • How much will earnings go up?
  • What is the improvement in productivity?
  • How much will the customer or employee experience improve?
  • How much will the quality of the output increase?

These are the five things business leaders care about when evaluating your tech idea.

Your pitch needs to focus on the value of the idea more than on the detail of the technology. If the value of an idea isn’t immediately obvious, the audience will move onto the next idea. Answer these five questions to ensure the value of your technical idea is crystal clear.

Don’t let your innovative ideas get overlooked. Get approval for your tech idea by answering these questions. Find out why each of these questions is important and how to answer them.

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