Communication skills worksheets for business — 23 free downloads

11 Sep 2023

Download 23 free communication skills worksheets for the most common business communication situations.

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is the key to success. Whether you’re pitching an idea, updating your team on a project’s status, or sending an email, the way you communicate can make or break your professional relationships. That’s why I’ve created a collection of communication skills worksheets to help you navigate various business scenarios with confidence.

Bookmark this page because more business communication skills worksheets will be added every month.

Why Use Communication Skills Worksheets?

Communication is an art, and like any art, it requires practice. These communication skills worksheets are designed to provide you with practical exercises and insights to improve your communication in various business contexts. By using these worksheets, you can:

  1. Understand the nuances of different communication scenarios.
  2. Practice and refine your messaging.
  3. Gain confidence in your ability to communicate effectively.

What’s in this Collection of 23 Free Communication Skills Worksheets?

I’ve created a selection of worksheets tailored to specific business communication scenarios. These worksheets are the same ones I use in my training workshops and with my clients. That’s right – Google, NATO, Siemens, Universities, and more have used these worksheets to improve their communication skills.

  1. Meetings: Ensure you’re prepared, on-point, and productive.
  2. Emails: Craft concise, clear, and compelling messages.
  3. Status Updates: Keep your team informed and aligned.
  4. Talk to Executives: Communicate with clarity and confidence at the top level.
  5. Issues & Risks: Address challenges proactively and professionally.
  6. Talk to Non-Experts: Break down complex topics without losing your audience.
  7. Pitch an Idea: Present your concepts persuasively.
  8. Start a Work Conversation: Initiate discussions that are constructive and collaborative.



How to use the worksheets

Using these communication skills worksheets is easy. Each one is a stand-alone pdf document complete with instructions at the top of the page. The questions and activities are clearly labelled, and there is space provided to write your answers.

These worksheets are designed to be printed and written on. Editable digital versions may be added in the future but there is no set date for this.

If you have any questions about the worksheets, if you’d like help, or if you find errors (they do happen) please contact me and let me know. I’m always happy to update these communication skills worksheets to keep them both current and useful.

NOTE: The size of the answer space provided for answers on each worksheet is intentional. Your answers should fit inside the space available. The reason for this? So that you can see how long (or short!) each answer can be. Many of the activities focus on how to be concise, so pay attention to the space for answers. If there isn’t much space, that tells you the answer should be short.

Bonus: Checklists and Guides

Along with the communication skills worksheets, I’ve put together a collection of checklists and guides to help you apply good communication methods whenever you need them. Keep these handy on your desk or computer and you’ll have quick, easy, guides to help you communicate clearly at work.

These resources provide step-by-step instructions and best practices to ensure you’re always at the top of your communication game.

Ready to Elevate Your Communication Skills?

Effective communication is more than just conveying information. It’s about understanding your audience, crafting your message, and delivering it in a way that resonates. Our communication skills worksheets are designed to help you do just that.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to refine your business communication skills. Download the worksheets and start your journey to becoming a communication maestro today!


The complete list of worksheets, activities, checklists, and guides


  • Have great meetings checklist
  • How to keep a meeting on track quick guide
  • How to keep a meeting on track
  • Plan a great meeting worksheet
  • 15 steps for successful meetings


  • Write great emails checklist – 14 questions
  • Write great emails checklist – 36 questions
  • Write great emails self-assessment – 13 questions
  • Write great emails worksheet

Start a conversation

  • Start a successful work conversation checklist

Status updates

  • How to give a status update

Talk to executives

  • Communicate with executives checklist
  • Communicate with executives worksheet

Issues & Risks

  • Talk about project issues checklist
  • Talk about project issues worksheet
  • Talk about risks checklist
  • Talk about risks worksheet

Talk to non-experts

  • Talk to non-Experts checklist
  • Talk to non-experts self-assessment
  • Talk to non-experts worksheet

Pitch an idea

  • Improve your idea pitch checklist
  • Improve your idea pitch worksheet

Ask questions

  • How to ask questions checklist

The First Minute Workbook

I also offer a complete workbook with dozens of worksheets and activities to help you communicate clearly.

Whether you are heading towards senior leadership, are in the middle of your career, or are a recent graduate, this workbook will help you build the critical skill of clear and concise work communication.

Practice and master The First Minute communication methods using real examples from your own work.

The short activities in this workbook will help you to:

  • Make your emails shorter and clearer
  • Quickly identify the right things to focus on
  • Create valuable status updates that people want to listen to
  • Kick-start more productive meetings with informative invites
  • Escalate issues quickly and clearly with a repeatable format
  • Practice at your own pace with activities and templates

Download your free copy of The First Minute Workbook here  (Normal price is $30)